The Link Up: Emily’s Inspirational Follow (Not Design Related…Curious?), The Rug Most Of Our Team Bought, And 50% Off A Very Good Lamp – Emily Henderson

The Link Up: Emily's Inspirational Follow (Not Design Related...Curious?), The Rug Most Of Our Team Bought, And 50% Off A Very Good Lamp - Emily Henderson

It’s August…already??? Well, welcome to the first day of August, everyone. We’re here and we’ve made it. So let’s keep it simple and start it off right…here’s your link up for today!

This week’s home tour is a beautiful Fire Island home with lots of gorgeous wood elements and just-right natural light. The homeowners, Gabe Brotman and Thomas Gensemer turned this getaway cottage into their dream home, perfect for hosting friends and family. We love the warm wood that encompasses the entirety of the floors, walls, and ceiling & how they mixed it with bright, colorful queer-themed art. This home underwent a MAJOR renovation and truly came out on top. 10/10 recommend browsing through!

From Emily: An inspirational follow: I thought that Adam Grant was a household name until I realized that nobody I know knew of him except for those who listen to Armchair Expert. He’s an organizational psychologist who specializes in leadership and business, specifically for those wanting to attract and retain younger Millennial or Gen Z employees. I learn SO MUCH from him (Instagram and podcast) and he generally inspires me to be a better person/boss/planet dweller. It’s a work in progress, obviously, but I feel like I have an expert source to rely on that has very forward and fresh ideas. If you are in any sort of leadership role I think you’d benefit from his words (plus he’s funny and smart, and generally interesting to listen to).

Also from Emily: Sarah Sherman Samuel revealed her guest bath a while back and I’m just still so in love. It’s just full of risks and fun and TOTALLY SARAH. Between the marble around the sconce and the checkerboard pattern she really went for it and yet it totally works with the rest of her house (I’m obsessed with her basement kitchen).

From Albie: If you know me, you know I have two bedding non-negotiables — I love neutral & textured, and I am team duvet all day! Thank you Justina for this duvet that was clearly designed just for me. The black on off-white print is so simple yet so chic. Total boutique hotel or cozy Airbnb vibes! And as a duvet set… so I can wash and fold it with no hassles. Thank you, Justina! 

From Jess: When I was visiting my hometown the other weekend, I clearly needed to go to the local antique mall (The Old Barn Antique Mall). To my delight my favorite candle scent was there in reed diffuser form! And it’s mini! It makes my bathroom smell so freaking good, looks really cute, and doesn’t add any extra heat to an already very hot summer. And no it wasn’t an antique but I did score some other awesome finds that I can’t wait to show you all:)

Also From Jess: The topic of this article written by designer, Leyden Lewis, is something I have been thinking about and unpacking over this past year as someone who helps run a design blog that wants to celebrate all kinds of styles. Now as someone who also loves design and writes about it for a living, I consider myself to have “good taste”. However, I know that concept is veeeeery rooted in the white European aesthetic and class systems. So with that knowledge, think it’s very important for all of us to continually check ourselves in how we define different designs and aesthetics as “good” or “bad” and this article really articulates why.

From Mallory: I’ve always wanted this lamp from Urban Outfitters but did I want it enough to spend $130 on it??? Not really. BUT I ended up finding the exact one for literally 50% cheaper at Ashley Home Store…it’s like $77 and then you can get an extra 10% off with the code FRIYAY10. Run don’t walk if you’ve been eyeing this lamp too!!!

If you’ve ever wished there was an extremely easy way to find black-owned businesses to shop from it’s here!! A site and app called Miiriya is your one-stop shop for finding awesome black-owned businesses and continually adding more. Let’s keep walking that talk and support.

From Caitlin: AHH. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is finally open to the public and OH MY GOSH, the Theragun is on sale! If you’ve never tried one out, they absolutely live up to the hype. I’ve used the Pro before (it usually costs like $600) at workout classes here in LA (because like…of course studios here would have $600 muscle massagers available in the lobby for your post-class enjoyment) but the Prime included in this kit is just as good IMO – it’s what I’d personally recommend to folks looking to bring home a Theragun. Seeing the Prime packaged with the Wave (a lil 8-shaped cutie that I’ve always wanted to try!) and a pain relief stick makes me STOKED as it’s such a good deal

From Ryann: I want this olive green scallop rug SO badly because it has two things that I am deeply into right now: classic green and scalloped edges. The detail is so special and I just know it’d be REALLY cute in my kitchen but is it weird that I think something this pretty shouldn’t be stepped on all day every day? I know that’s what rugs are for but damn, the pattern is so cute I almost wish it was a placemat instead. By the way, am I a little nuts for feeling bad for rugs because they get the most dirty by people’s shoes and feet?? Don’t worry you can tell me the truth. (PS: CAITLIN JUST TOLD ME SHE ALREADY BOUGHT THIS RUG LAST WEEK SO IT’S DOUBLE EHD-APPROVED!)

So that’s what we’ve got this week, thanks everyone for tuning in and we’ll be sure to do this again next Sunday! And the Sunday after that, and the Sunday after that…just put it in your calendars as an ongoing event 🙂

Opening Image Credit: Design by Gabe Brotman and Thomas Gensemer | Photo by Skyler Smith | via Clever

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